Talent Management

Attract and Retain

73% of CEOs reported being concerned about the availability of key skills. Supply and Demand is a concept that most employers understand. The Scarcity of talent is driving the cost of talent up. Employers need the talent to expand and are working on developing their brand. They want to be an employer of choice! What is… Read more »

Can you win the war for Talent ?

The U.S. had 5.4 million job openings in April. The total was the highest since the department began conducting the so-called Jolts survey in 2000. The talent market is heating up. The pendulum swings in the candidate favor, smaller supply of quality candidates. Employer’s must develop their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. Employer’s must… Read more »


THE FUNCTION OF HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS HAS REMAINED THE SAME FOR OVER 100 YEARS. THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE. Really! I started out in HR in 1987, The HR world has changed dramatically. The only real constant is change! HR functions that are administrative are usually  a result of the company not valuing HR. Employer… Read more »

Human Resources Audits

The rules have changed being in compliance with the spirit of the law is not enough? Employer must be in strict compliance with wage and hour laws. Failure to be in compliance cost money and talent. Between aggressive Plaintiffs’ Attorneys and Department of Labor the employer’s employment practices are under attack. Wage and Hour violations… Read more »

Get Results when Outsourcing Human Resources

When Outsourcing Human Resources Get results! Strong human resource management is crucial for growing companies studies show that HR issues are those most likely to keep CEOs up at night. Companies are always struggling with the question of when to consider outsourcing the many functions of an HR department. Mishandling such a strategic decision can… Read more »

Tax Credits for Employers

As the economy heats up, so does the demand and competition for talent. There are a couple of programs employers can take advantage of and get tax credits as well as adding talent to their workforce. Need help finding the talent Your local Employment Development Department has a Veterans Rep that can help you find qualified veteran. This… Read more »