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Wal Mart Loses Minimum Wage Case

Employers using a piece rate for paying employees, expose themselves to paid rest breaks, as well as layovers. The employee needs to be paid for all hours worked!

Misclassification Cost Millions!

Tech companies using Independent contractor, need to rethink how they staff their workforce. Misclassification cost Fed Ex millions. It’s very hard to meet the standards of independent contractors in CA.

Why small companies need Human Resources

The employer needs to have access to strong HR to protect its asset’s, and capital. Not only do they need a strategy for compliance but they need one for Talent. Not having Human Resources expertise leads to companies not being in compliance with employment law. Which exposes the organization to employment lawsuits, by mistakes in… Read more »

Avoiding Wage & Hour

The IRS, DOL, and EEOC take aim at Employers for misclassification of individuals as independent contractors, or as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. The agencies have discovered an easy revenue source. The Agencies have adopted a policy of strict enforcement, and employers have to make changes to their employment practices or pay penalties… Read more »

Human Resources Audits

The rules have changed being in compliance with the spirit of the law is not enough? An employer must be in strict compliance with wage and hour laws. Failure to be in compliance costs money and talent. Between aggressive Plaintiffs’ Attorneys and Department of Labor, the employer’s employment practices are under attack. Wage and Hour… Read more »