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The Department of Labor is increasing its audit to ensure employers are not misclassifying employees exempt. In addition, they are changing the rules to make more positions classified as non-exempt. Employers should audit their employee classifications to ensure they do not have misclassified employees. Conducting job analysis on for all positions is the best way… Read more »

Employment Decisions

Managing a workforce requires employers to make employment decisions…  hasty decisions can have costly consequences. On a daily basis, I receive questions from employers, on employment-related issues. Can I terminate this employee because they are on LOA? Can I lay off this employee who filed a sex harassment claim? How long do I have to… Read more »

Minimum Wages

Minimum wages vary from state to state. There is a trend that cities within the states are passing their own minimum wages. Roughly 35 different locations have higher minimum wages than the Federal rate of $7.25. California not only has a state rate but different cities have passed minimum wage rates above the state rate…. Read more »

What Are The Records Employers Are Expected To Develop In The Course Of Employment?

The employer is the keeper of the record and failure to have accurate records puts the employer at risk. The employer needs to develop certain records to be in and keep them to be in compliance. In general, all records must be maintained for a minimum number of years. The time varies from document to… Read more »