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Guide to Employer Required Workplace Postings

The state of California’s Department of Industrial Relations, the federal Department of Labor, and other agencies mandate businesses display information regarding wages, hours, and working conditions in an easily accessible, visible, high-traffic area. Note that there are some postings that apply only to certain businesses. There have been some recent updates to workplace posting requirements…. Read more »

I-9 compliance Issues

The Obama administration has committed to a worksite enforcement strategy that focuses on employer compliance and much higher administrative fines. The related fines are high and costly.  Fines can range from three hundred dollars to as much as $16,000 per violation. Employers have immigration-related compliance obligations regardless of whether they employ foreign nationals. Every employer has… Read more »

Common 401k Mistakes

Here is a quick list of mistakes that employers make on their 401k plans. COMMON COMPLIANCE ERRORS This list, along with more detailed information on examination trends located on the IRS website can be used by plan sponsors to identify compliance risks in their own plans. Missing plan document amendments Not using the plan’s definition… Read more »