Making the Most of an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Rick Rossignol

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Most businesses have some form of an employee satisfaction survey that they provide to their staff annually, and if you don’t, you may want to consider creating one. These surveys allow the people who work for you to provide valuable input, and with questions that are structured correctly, can really help to make some amazing improvements to your company.

While crafting your survey, you’ll want to be as straightforward as possible to allow your employees to answer your questions easily and accurately. Again, the goal here is to gain an idea of your business’s overall employee satisfaction. Here are some questions you may want to include in your survey:


Do you enjoy your companies’ culture?

Do you feel connected with your coworkers?

Do you feel that the business is open to change?

Do your managers and coworkers value your feedback?

Do you feel valued in what you do for the business?

Is communication conducted in a timely, respectful, and effective manner?

Is management invested in the success of their team(s)?

Is work distributed properly and evenly?

Do you find your work meaningful?

Does the business offer opportunities for growth and career development?

Do you have the necessary tools to do your job well? (i.e. electronics, notebooks, computer applications, etc.)

Does your job utilize your ability optimally?

How happy are you working for our business?


These questions are important for analyzing not only how well an employee is performing, but also how happy they are with their job as a whole. Employees who have a high level of satisfaction in their work and in your company often keep office morale high, which keep them more productive and helps your business flourish.


The goal of questionnaires like this are to receive constructive feedback on ways that your company can improve for your workers. Using satisfaction surveys will go a long way in fostering an honest, productive, and valuable work environment where your workers feel their voices are heard. Allowing these surveys to be filled out anonymously will also help you get the most authentic response without the fear of possible repercussions.


There are a variety of online resources that can help you build an employee satisfaction survey for your staff. However, while these tools help you to assemble and administer your survey, it’s up to you to craft the questions that will give you the specific feedback you’re looking for.


If you need further assistance with designing an employee satisfaction survey that can truly help your business, reach out to a locally trusted Human Resources advisor. Get in contact with us today. RTR Consulting has more than 20 years devoted to developing effective and efficient human resources policies, procedures, and best practices for small, start-ups, and medium-sized businesses.







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