Human Resources

Misclassification Cost Millions!

Tech companies using Independent contractor, need to rethink how they staff their workforce. Misclassification cost Fed Ex millions. It’s very hard to meet the standards of independent contractors in CA.


THE FUNCTION OF HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS HAS REMAINED THE SAME FOR OVER 100 YEARS. THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE. Really! I started out in HR in 1987, The HR world has changed dramatically. The only real constant is change! HR functions that are administrative are usually  a result of the company not valuing HR. Employer… Read more »

The IRS has finalized the 1095C

The IRS is using the 1095C to ensure compliance with the affordable care act. They have finalized the form for 2015 reporting. Employers will have to complete the 1095C in 2016. Employers with 100 (50+ in 2016) and more employees are required to file these reports by February 2016 for 2015. The new reports are… Read more »