Workplace Laws Every Employer Needs to Know

Posted on June 22, 2014 by Rick Rossignol

You need to know about laws governing the employment relationship
As an employer, you have to follow a host of state and federal laws that regulate your relationship with your employees. Among the things you’ll be expected to know and understand are:
  • Proper hiring practices, how to conduct interviews and record keeping.
  • Rules on hiring and working with independent contractors, including tips on how to avoid misclassification problems.
  • Wage and hour laws, including those governing the minimum wage, overtime, and Exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • How to avoid harassment and discrimination based on a variety of characteristics, including gender, age, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, and national origin.
  • The requirements for benefits programs, vacation, sick, holiday, leave of absence.
  • ACA definition of a full-time employee, introductory period, when health care benefits have to start.
  • How to write an employee handbook, conduct performance reviews, and discipline employees.
  • OSHA and other workplace health and safety laws, including health care reform, workers’ compensation, and rules on employee alcohol and drug use.
  • How to terminate the employment relationship.
  • How to protect your business and respect employee’s rights when they leave.
  • What the law allows if you want to run a background check, do a workplace search, or monitor employee conduct.
  • Keeping up with the ever-changing employment law.


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