What is Human Resources Role in the Company?

Posted on March 4, 2013 by Rick Rossignol

Human Resources means different things to employees… Because each employee’s experience with Human Resources is different. HR can be the person helping employees and bring new employees into the organization or they can be the last person employees see on their way out the door. HR has to be professional and be helpful in every situation, the organization is going to go through growth, as well as shrinking. In the last few years as organizations are focused on the bottom line and figuring out the most effective use of manpower. Companies have to make tough choices. And some of those will undoubtedly involve their employees. When that happens, it’s critically important for both morale and talent retention to evaluate everyone on your team as individual contributors–not line items on a spreadsheet, percentages, or some predetermined dollar amount.
Instead of focusing solely on “the numbers,” companies must take a more holistic approach to broader staffing issues by looking at 360 feedback, performance reviews, and the impact those changes will have on specific departments and the organization based on each individual.

In a healthy economic period, Human resources are focused on attracting and retaining talent. The companies that understand that talent wins the game work on providing a healthy work environment, opportunities for career and professional growth, and a “human” approach to the way organizations think about staffing. Employers work on branding themselves an employer of choice. We’re all free agents. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. In a corporate environment where employees are seen as resources, you have no choice but to think of yourself that way.

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