Employment Law changes for 2015

Employers have to review their employment practices for 2015 and change some of there practices to be in compliance with the new laws taking effect in 2015. AB 2751, This bill prohibits an employer from discharging or in any manner discriminating, retaliating, or taking any adverse action against an employee because of the employee updates… Read more »

Posted on September 14, 2014 by Rick Rossignol

California Employers must provide All employees PAID SICK Time

Life just got a little more complicated for employers! Employers have to provide Part-time and temporary workers up to three paid sick days a year. Beginning July 1, 2015, every employee, whether full time or part-time, who is employed in California for 90 days or more will be entitled to accrue paid sick leave at… Read more »

Posted on September 5, 2014 by Rick Rossignol

What Are The Records Employers Are Expected To Develop In The Course Of Employment?

The employer is the keeper of the record and failure to have accurate records puts the employer at risk. The employer needs to develop certain records to be in and keep them to be in compliance. In general, all records must be maintained for a minimum number of years. The time varies from document to… Read more »

Workplace Laws Every Employer Needs to Know

You need to know about laws governing the employment relationship As an employer, you have to follow a host of state and federal laws that regulate your relationship with your employees. Among the things you’ll be expected to know and understand are: Proper hiring practices, how to conduct interviews and record keeping. Rules on hiring… Read more »

Why small companies need Human Resources

The employer needs to have access to strong HR to protect its asset’s, and capital. Not only do they need a strategy for compliance but they need one for Talent. Not having Human Resources expertise leads to companies not being in compliance with employment law. Which exposes the organization to employment lawsuits, by mistakes in… Read more »

I-9 compliance Issues

The Obama administration has committed to a worksite enforcement strategy that focuses on employer compliance and much higher administrative fines. The related fines are high and costly.  Fines can range from three hundred dollars to as much as $16,000 per violation. Employers have immigration-related compliance obligations regardless of whether they employ foreign nationals. Every employer has… Read more »

What Happens when the DOL Audits!

When a wage and hour investigation is initiated, the DOL sends a letter explaining the complaint and everything they want to look at. The key for the employer is to have everything they want ready for them. What is important to remember is that they can start down a path and change directions pretty quickly… Read more »