Sex Harassment Discrimination I-9

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Rick Rossignol

There are a number of changes that employers in CA. Employers need to redistribute their Discrimination And Harassment policy after making some changes. Employers must provide employees with a copy of the written policy. It can be provided via email if a tracking system ensures employees read and acknowledge the policy. Employers can discuss the policy at hire or during a new hire orientation session. If an employee brings a claim of harassment, discrimination or retaliation, an employer may be subject to damages for failure to maintain a compliant policy. Employers with five or more employees in California must comply with the PDL requirements of posting a new posters.

While FEHA was making changes the current I-9 Form expires on the 31st of this month. They released an extension today for 30-day notice in the Federal Register (FR) inviting public comment on proposed changes to Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. The public may provide comments on the proposed changes for 30 days, until April 27, 2016.

Two other noteworthy changes Pasadena and Santa Monica have passed local ordinances to increase minimum wages in their cities. Starting in July the minimum will go to 10.50 an hour. The City and County of Los Angeles have also adopted the accelerated minimum wage.

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