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RTR Consulting’s Virtual HR Director provides your company with insurance against unforeseen employment problems. It provides on demand HR guidance from an experienced HR executive with extensive experience. HR Helpline is an economical way to get human resources advice. Getting expert HR advice when you need it, will give you the peace of mind you need to deal with the employment issues you face on a day to day basis without having to spend hours researching employment law.

Whatever the problem, our Helpline is available to provide advice on any employee issues you may have. Clients are able to call or e-mail to get expert advice on all Human Resource matters for a flat rate, annual subscription. Get answers to pressing Human Resources issues, compliance with wage and hour laws or leave-of-absence laws, discuss difficult employee relations issues, termination, sexual harassment, safety, talent management, ACA, policy development, and discrimination.

Below is a sample of the advice the virtual HR Director has provided:

  • Personnel policies and workplace procedures
  • Performance evaluation forms
  • Counseling and disciplinary memos
  • Leave of absence request forms for managing employees’ time off (vacation, sick time, personal leaves, disability or medical leaves)
  • Requests for reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities and medical conditions
  • Work-at-home and telecommuting arrangements
  • Meal period waivers
  • Alternative work week arrangements
  • Make-up time requests
  • Executive employment contracts, severance and separation agreements, and independent contractor agreements tailored for clients’ specific arrangements and needs.
  • WARN Act notices and severance agreements for layoffs and reductions in force.
  • New Hire packages

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