An HR Audit is an objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, and strategies to protect the company. It’s a detailed, in-depth analysis and assessment of the functions that the organization’s HR.

  • Compliance: Is the company’s pay practices, in compliance with the ever changing employment law, city, state, feds. Making sure have the records to defend the company. Rapidly changing employment regulations in today’s aggressive enforcement of employment laws, and add to that the increased activity by the Department of Labor, puts your business at risk. The number of wage and hour claims and lawsuits that workers have filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its state law counterparts have made wage and hour laws the nation’s fastest growing legal battlefront between workers and their employers. Between aggressive Plaintiffs’ Attorneys and the Department of Labor, the employer’s employment practices are under attack. Wage and Hour violations account for over 1 billion in claims. The DOL estimates that 80% of employers have misclassified employees. This means that your profits are at risk to wage and hour claims. Each year the rules for employment law change and employers must comply.
  • Strategic: Is the HR department aligned with company mission and values. What is the employer’s brand? Can they attract and retain talent they need to meet their growth goals.
  • The recruitment process: Take a close look at the process and employer brand, and competing in the marketplace. The organization’s practices in hiring employees and termination
  • The training programs: does the company have the skills needed to meet the mission and values? Is the company updating the skills of management team?
  • The organization’s benefits and compensation processes
  • Employee evaluations

HR Audit PDF