Attraction and Retention

Posted on September 11, 2012 by Rick Rossignol

Business growth does not just happen! The organization has to make some strategic decisions on what type of employer it wants to be. Talent is what differentiates your business from the competition! What is your employment brand going to be? The brand is not just a story on a website, its the employee experience! Perspective employees check out the company on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Facebook. Employers have to walk the talk!

Marissa Mayer is hired as the CEO and her first priority is Human Resources. The first step is to change the employment brand.  She realizes that the culture has to change. The HR guy is out and they are going to build an environment that values employees. She needs them engaged if she is going to turn the company around.

You build the company by creating a culture that has values and provides an environment that rewards innovative thinking, builds pride in the company, and empowers the employees as owners. Employees want to add value and be part of the success!

What kind of employees does your organization need? Are you going after top talent? Are you hiring minimum wage? Your company strategy is going to be different depending on where you want to play in the market. Who is your competition? where do they play? You can not compete without talent! Talent gets you in the game!


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